​Look, they're are a lot of great therapists out there but you're not here because you need a general therapist. You need a sex therapist! And, that's me. I'm a trauma informed, sex positive, kink, and poly (CNM) aware licensed clinician with extensive education and training in sexuality. I see all different types of sexual concerns and I treat many different partnering configurations. My ideal clients are folx that have a pretty solid sense of self and relationship. I love when clients have skills they have learned from previous therapy. When clients have practice utilizing healthy communication, yet, find themselves struggling in the bedroom, that's where I shine. This is where I come for some fine-tuning to get you closer to living your erotic potential. I normally have a longer than I would like waitlist. So, here is what I suggest, while waiting to get your first appointment, this might be a good time to sharpen or gain some skills with a therapist with openings, prior to our meeting. Then, we will be able to target your sexuality in our work together.  

Sex therapy can help you move past barriers and teach you new skills that will enhance your relationship and improve sexual satisfaction.


Together, we can process your concerns and work towards creating realistic and sustainable change.

I believe that therapist and client are partners in the therapeutic process. It is my intention to provide services that will assist you in reaching your goals. Throughout therapy, I am going to promote personal, sexual, and relational wellness. I use holistic approach, this means that I work with the mind, body, relationships, social, sexual and medical history. I utilize these aspects to help my clients reach a better understanding of their lives and sexuality. I have a systemic background, which means I view people and their behavior within the larger context such as their families, cultures, and society. I will consider the impact of your relationships, past and present, on the issues you face, and I will consider the well being of others in your life as we work together. 


All Services are Provided Online Only!

Supporting and enhancing the lives of:

  • Black, Indigenous, and People of Color & Culture


  • Sexual Minorities 

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