• Anne Mauro, LMFT, DHS

"Stay Home" and go to Therapy!

Things are crazy right now. I get it. That’s why I created mini-telehealth sessions designed to decrease distress and increase your wellbeing, to get you through this pandemic. Something that has helped me through this is Mr. Roger’s mother’s comment to look for the helpers. I have seen so many people step up in amazing ways. From making 3D ventilators, sewing masks, and streaming performances, there are so many humans helping. I want to be one. Through the month of May, I will be offering Mini Sessions:

I am now offering 15-minute sessions (individuals only) and 30-minute sessions (individuals and relationships). For those that are struggling to regain normalcy with kiddos in the house and/or working from home I created these mini-sessions for you. Schedule yours now!

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