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So, you're interested in supervision? Thank you for considering me as your supervisor. I am a Licensed Couples and Family Therapist, Clinical Sexologist, American Association Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) Certified Sex Therapist, AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator, Clinical Sexologist, and a Washington State Approved Supervisor.


I am offering clinical consultation to licensed professionals and supervision to folx working towards WA state licensure. My continued growth in anti-racist and de-colonial therapeutic practices influences my work with supervisees.  


Wadley (2020) tells us:

 “The field of sexology is moving towards emancipation as a result of having to address systematic shifts as well as emergence of those who have needed to create their own tables and seats that are relative to their communities...These leaders take responsibility for conceptualizing initiating change, and, as the field continues to evolve, there will be more leaders who will emerge out of the necessity to impact and influence their surroundings in a positive way" (p. 350).


This is a new time and space for us as therapists to expand beyond the traditional lens that excludes far too many of us. This journey, as a supervisor, is in part to assist in creating “systematic shifts” that will call in those that have been excluded from our work. Becoming a supervisor provides me with another platform for leadership through a social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion lens. 

As a supervisor, my mission is to create a safe and supportive space for therapists from marginalized and oppressed groups to create therapy practices that promote decolonization, support them financially, and allow them to disrupt the status quo in the sexual health community.

We might be a good fit if: 

  • You are doing sex therapy with adults.

  • You are willing to do supervision online. 

  • You are self-motivated and able to manage your professional responsibilities.

  • You are a minority and/or from a marginalized group.

  • You are willing and able to have a secondary supervisor.

  • You are willing and able to commit to the financial policy of $175/1 hour of individual and $175/2 hour group supervision. 

  • You are willing to be an active participant in supervision and invest time outside of supervision for additional learning.

  • You are interested in de-colonial practices from a queer, feminist, intersectional, ecosystemic lens. 

My Approach: 

My approach to supervision is collaborative. I am here to provide you with support during this phase of your career. ​I am excited to talk about ALL the things during supervision! Case consultation, private practice building, psycoeducation, workshops for therapists, strengthening community awareness, and involvement are all really exciting for me. 


Serving on the AASECT Ethics Advisory Committee (EAC) and offering training on ethics as a AASECT CEU provider allows me to keep my supervisees ethical in their practice and to prevent future dilemmas. I encourage my supervisees to get involved within our professional communities and to support each other as sexuality professionals. 

I am also on the AASECT Awards Committee.

Each year I get to review the work of brilliant sexuality professionals. This helps me stay up to date with resources for therapists and clients. 

If you would like to learn more about me and my experience, click here.  

If you think we would be a good match and you would like to start supervision with me, please complete this form. Once you have completed the form, please book a "Supervisory Introduction".

Upcoming AASECT Group Collaborations:


Friday July 29th  10AM-2PM PST. Dr. James Wadley and I will host a sex therapy supervision group for professionals seeking AASECT sex therapy certification.